Quick Hyper Publish Overview  
1. What is Hyper Publish? A hyper desktop publishing! 
Hyper Publish PRO is one of the most advanced, yet easy-to-use, visual tools for managing both on-line (Internet pages, sites) and off-line (manuals, CDs, HtmlHelp, WinHelp) publishing of any hyperlinked electronic documentation. You enter and format the information once and only once, then Hyper Publish PRO simply outputs to all of the most frequently used publishing formats.  
Hyper Publish’s intuitive easy-start environment requires no more technical skills than a common word processor, yet offers so much more! Styles, mouse over images, pop-up windows, frame sets and many other powerful features. The innovative WYSIWYLTM visual interface dramatically speeds up link browsing and management. You work with a single document, for editing, archive, publishing and even for searches and revisions. 
edit WYSIWYG even inside frames 
The WYSIWYG editor gives you an incredible number of visual options, even “live” frames editing! 
Yes, when you start with Hyper Publish you feel immediately in control with the familiar word processor style tools: 
Paragraph toolbar 
The paragraph toolbar: note that you can use styles just like in MS Word, and ensure that all your documentation has a consistent look and feel. 
Format toolbar 
The format toolbar. 
Page toolbar 
The page toolbar makes managing page keywords, page frame-sets and page backgrounds a simple task, and also handles advanced functions such as slides. 
2. What is Hyper Publish for? 
Hyper Publish is designed for both large companies and small businesses, manual writers, Web designers, schools, teachers, kids, absolute Web beginners, technical writers, on-line Help and HTML developers, and anyone producing hyper linked documents of any kind. With Hyper Publish you can simply create multiple format professional quality documents: 
- Web sites, Internet and Intranet pages 
- multimedia CD (with automatic install) 
- catalogues 
- hypertext, hypermedia 
- policy and procedure manuals 
- rule books, with cross references 
- health and safety manuals 
- training manuals, technical manuals 
- software user guides, on-line help systems 
- specifications, minutes 
Let’s start by looking at the features and benefits in detail... 
3. Manage all pages simultaneously 
The Hyper Publish user friendly environment manages multiple-page documents in a classical WYSIWYG editor. All pages are simultaneously available for editing, and are saved as a single document, instead of many scattered text and image files. This means you can archive and share a whole site, for example, through one manageable file, as you might for plain text documents with your favorite Word Processor. 
The fastest way to switch between pages is to double click a link (yes, you can browse even in the editor!), or by using the page number box: 
Page toolbar 
The page toolbar, in the bottom of the main program window 
First page of a site 
The first page of a site 
With “Hypertext >Go to page” you can choose the page to edit by name or through a browsing-enabled preview: 
Choose the page to edit visually 
Choose the page to edit visually, with Hypertext >Go to page 
4. One single tool, more formats 
Anytime that you finish a document (we also call it “hypertext”), you can publish it both to the Web and also, for example, on a CD. Many different formats are handled easily and without manual conversion. 
With a single click, a whole page set can be transferred to the Internet, using the internal FTP engine. With another click, you can publish the same page-set on a CD, using the internal CD Wizard, visually, and without the need for external applications such as NS or IE. Nothing could be simpler. Furthermore, the document may be saved as an Html Help or WinHelp file. The “reader” software that is automatically inserted on the CD comes with a built-in full text search engine. 
You can perform database / CSV import, so you can create/populate a (fully editable) catalogue automatically. 
The internal FTP 
The internal FTP engine can automatically publish only modified pages, with one click on the “Publish” button (Publish >Internet FTP >Publish on the Internet). 
The CD wizard 
The CD Wizard: with a single click you can make a CD, complete with auto-install (Publish >CD-ROM). Full text search and keyword search available. 
HtmlHelp, WinHelp, Rtf, Doc 
With another click you can publish in Rtf for WinHelp, in HtmlHelp and in many other formats (Publish >Export pages) 
5. Advanced results with beginner’s knowledge 
Hyper Publish PRO is not only a fully visual application, it also has a visually pleasing front-end. Styles, colored tables, maps, mouse-over changing images, sounds, frame-sets, slides, forms, pop-up windows, and literally hundreds of functions are all clearly available and may be used with ease. The sophisticated environment shields you from the complexities of any coding languages such as Rtf or Html. The interface is extremely powerful, while being no more complex than your usual word processor 
All features are available with a click or two of the tool buttons: 
The objects toolbar: you can easily insert images, tables, forms, and much more, using comprehensive windows. 
We can’t display all of the windows: please get the PDF manual to take a closer look. 
This example demonstrates the image insertion window: 
The image insertion window: note that you can quickly reuse the images already used in your current hypertext. 
Image properties 
The image properties window; you can set a mouse-over image here (Image >Properties) 
6. Live browsing and editing: WYSIWYLTM 
Hyper Publish takes full advantage of its hypertext orientated architecture in many productive ways. For example, the innovative WYSIWYLTM (what you see is what you link) dramatically increases speed in link browsing and management. Simply put, you can browse links while in the editor, without the need to switch to preview mode. You can place elaborate frame-to-frame links, show or close pop-up windows, and all through simple visual dialogs, without scripts or other complications. You can even check links with the link explorer, but most are automatically checked. 
There are two main kinds of link. The first are normal links (Insert >Link), and then special links as detailed below. It is simply not practical to display all available options, as you will see below: 
You can easily link to internal pages within your hypertext, Internet addresses (such as http://...), other hypertext, and much more.  You can even create new pages while linking.  You can select a link  destination even while browsing the preview! 
With special links Hyper Publish offers almost limitless links, to a different frame, a different browser window, to a popup, even with or without an “anchor” (i.e. a fixed point in the page). As above, available options are too numerous to list here. 
Special link window 
The special link insertion window. You can link to frames, windows, internal pages, Internet addresses (such http://...), other hypertext, and more. 
7. Manage large page sets: global searches, collections 
Furthermore, the design of search functions and the internal album-collection makes it easy to manage large page sets. You can search and replace words, images and links on the whole group of pages. You can search where an image is used, what pages link to any given one, and much more. 
The internal album/collection. You can search, edit, replace and delete hypertext objects, such as images, Internet links, pages and more. For example: replace a link on the current page and  it be replaced replaced globally! 
The search window even allows boolean searches on the whole hypertext. 
Link explorer 
The diagram-link explorer gives you a comprehensive view of all page links. You can also search for all pages containing a chosen image, link etc. 
8. Ready for the future 
With technology changing almost daily, it is difficult to keep yourself updated: New browser standards; new file specifications; new formats. With Hyper Publish you don't need to worry about these changes. iPer Hyper Publish is designed to be future-proof and accept updates to support any future file format. 
You can relax in the knowledge that the future is taken care of, and concentrate on the content of your hypertext. We will set up a file generator for any new popular technology or format, and will release a new software version, just as we have done for the Html Help format. 
The upgradeable export window. 
9. Main functions list 
You have seen just a little bit of Hyper Publish capabilities. Want to know all on Hyper Publish? It is impossible to list all that Hyper Publish can do on this page, so here's a list of just the main functions. 
Editing and browsing at the same time (edit & browse), with an embedded preview 
WYSIWYL: what you see is what you link (i.e. visual linking) 
Automatic Internet - FTP publishing (transfer), with automatic detection of  updated pages; compatible with *any* browser; 
Simple yet complete management for text styles, as in MSWord 
Frame sets creation and editing with drag & drop 
Advanced frame-set management, save and edit frame-set templates 
Browser preview, with customized quick access 
Import and export in most commonly used formats 
Colored and image-backgrounds for tables fully supported 
Forms supported 
Advanced links, window opening and slides, all supported in WYSIWYG, without additional code 
Images, sounds, multimedia, applets 
Spell check, word search and word replace act on the whole hypertext 
Internal images and files album 
Annotations, with author 
Insert Script or Html, and add Html to any object 
Multilevel undo 
Hypertext and page templates 
Keyword search /insertion, Boolean search, Advanced hypertext search 
Advanced search functions available in main windows (links, images, page paste, ...) 
Advanced page selection functions for Internet publishing, printing, page exporting 
Wizard to add auto-install hypertext to Cd-Rom 
Advanced link explorer 
Import and export of RTF WinHelp 
Custom components insertion, prototypes libraries 
Prototypes library creation, prototypes definition 
AEH publishing with server extensions 
Cd-Rom-hypertext-reader redistribution licence 
Server extensions NT 
Definition of hypertext chapters, definition of a linear page order for readers that need to print the whole hypertext with one click 
Automatic summary generation 
database / CSV import, so you can create/populate a (fully editable) catalogue automatically; 
and much more... 
10. Concentrate on content, forget the technical stuff! 
We have only shown the main features and benefits of using Hyper Publish PRO. If you want to know more, please download the free trial at http://hyper-publish.com
Hyper Publish is designed for real people, living in the real word: by simply using the default settings, you can be up and running immediately. It greatly reduces the time and effort in producing professional quality hyper linked documents. 
The aim of Hyper Publish PRO is allow you to concentrate on content, while the software takes care of the rest. If you’re not technically minded, and prefer to keep things that way, Hyper Publish is certainly the best all-in-one solution to easily obtaining professional results in the shortest possible time.  
We have presented facts here, not opinions, so save time and money right from the start and buy it now! The time and effort you save on your first day of work will pay for it! 
Click here, get HyperPublish now! Create CDs, Websites, manuals and catalogs with a single productive tool. 
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