This is a SWISH sample. 
Click here to see the HTML page automatically generated by SWISH. 
Below I inserted with "Insert >HTML >Within text" the code that will display the animation in Internet. 
If you double click on the sheet-icon-marker inside the editor you will see: 
You can notice that I replaced the file name that was in the HTML with two disk-icons. I did this by using the button "Insert page or file ref...". With this button I selected the file "The Auto Academy.swf" in the file system and I told to the program that it should put a file reference to it there. 
If you need to insert in another page a different Flash/Swish file, simply copy the sheet-icon-marker from this page, then edit it, use the button "Insert page or file ref..." to tell the program what is the new file. 
Click here for a page that contains just Flash.